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Transparent Communication - Keeping our customers informed and our projects on schedule.

Transparent communication is a vital part of ARMCOA's construction process as it not only keeps our customers informed but also holds our internal team accountable for things like quality and timeliness. To ensure transparent communication is maintained during construction, we conduct a series of on-site inspections in which we document progress, capture photographs, issue feedback, and notate pertinent updates. This information is compiled into a formal, time stamped and geo-located inspection report and immediately shared with our customers, our staff, and our trade partners.

Sharing these reports, provides our customers with access to a chronological record of activity that can be used to track progress in real time without having to conduct costly internal site visits. In addition to keeping our customers informed, this process can also shorten turn times as it requires our Field Managers to perform quality control throughout the construction cycle, continuously issuing feedback to our trade partners concerning workmanship and compliance. This approach allows our trade partners to proactively address issues and avoid delays caused by lengthy post-construction punch lists.

Below you will find specific information on our process and the types of reports we provide.


Before construction begins, our Field Managers are required to conduct an on-site Kickoff Inspection. This inspection is completed in coordination with our trade partners and is designed to capture pre-con photos, develop a plan of action, clarify any ambiguities, generate a material take off, identify challenges, and document potential change orders. Upon completion, we immediately share the results with our customer’s team, formally giving them notice that construction is ready to commence.


Once construction is underway, our Field Managers are required to conduct frequent site visits. These Site Visits allow our team to measure progress, proactively monitor quality, and troubleshoot problems. Progress photos, notes, and an estimated date of completion are all documented in our Site Visit Report then immediately shared with both our customer and our trade partners. This keeps our customer up to date on progress and allows us to avoid lengthy post-con punch lists by providing our trade partners with real-time feedback on their work.


When the scope of work is complete, our Field Managers are required to conduct an official Close Out Inspection. This inspection is designed to simply capture completion photos as any issues with quality and/or compliance have been proactively addressed mid-construction. Completion photos are documented in our COI Report then shared with our customer, officially notifying them that a project is complete and, when applicable, ready for their final inspection.

Combining systemic on-site inspections with real-time updates and proactive feedback creates a transparent line of communication that keeps our customers in the know and our trade partners on track. Transparent communication is just part of how ARMCOA offers a superior customer experience, contact us today to learn more about how our process can help streamline construction and maximize ROI.

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